Service Ambassadors

Our Service Ambassadors know how to manage an influx of cars and keep the service drive organized. Using a mapped-out floor plan, our attendants are able to maximize all available parking space to ensure safety and security. Some responsibilities also include placing floor mats and seat covers inside of each vehicle as well as checking the tire tread and wheel alignment to decrease the wait time for each customer.

  • Professional team
  • Safe and efficient parking methods
  • Clean, neat uniforms
  • Hands-on approach


We know how important wash quality is on customer surveys. The cleanliness of all vehicles is not only a direct reflection of our entire service team, but more importantly: your business. To ensure quality, we’ve instilled a rigorous wash plan to ensure each vehicle exiting your lot is in pristine condition. By paying attention to the slightest detail, all service vehicles will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but they will exceed customer expectations.

  • Professional team
  • Certified training program
  • Multiples levels of quality control
  • Safety focused


Our Greeters are the first impression of your dealership and provide a luxury-level experience as soon as your customers step out of their vehicles. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist with any questions your customers may have. They direct and/or escort your customers to a service advisor to provide a positive impression of your business. From opening every door and carrying every bag, our Greeters anticipate every customer’s needs.

  • Professional team
  • Maintain an organized workplace
  • Keep a calm and professional environment

  • Customer focused

Shuttle Drivers

Our Shuttle Drivers provide a luxury experience to make your customers as comfortable as possible. From pickup to drop off, safety is our number one priority. Each driver has an impeccable driving record and realize the importance of putting the customer first.

  • Professional team
  • Dedicated drivers
  • Clean, neat uniforms
  • Safety focused

Delivery Coordinators

The delivery coordinator is the key resource who will help your customers through the new car delivery process. It is vital that the last impression a customer receives is positive and memorable. Our delivery coordinators will provide legendary service and positively impact the buying experience for your customer by ensuring that the “we-owe” process is handled seamlessly, vehicle accessories and personalization is well orchestrated, and that the customized follow up is always performed with elegance and care.

  • Professional team
  • Trained on all vehicle features
  • Customer focused
  • Delivery with a smile


The front line to every dealership is your Receptionist. We take time recruiting, selecting and training experienced, well-spoken and highly organized front line professionals. Not only does their crisp and attractive voice accomplish the countless phone requests, you also send a message to each customer that your dealership does whatever it takes to exceed expectations.

  • Professional team
  • Certified customer service training
  • Dedicated receptionists
  • Cross trained for all positions

Need a personalized solution?

Our onsite labor solution, combined with the most advance training in the hospitality industry, will surely take your dealership to the next level. Our experienced team will customize a program of services that is right for your dealership.

Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality has been providing services to us for 8 years.

“Customers cannot believe the service when they come in. They really like the experience when they pull into the drive and are greeted by a friendly and attentive valet.”

Tim Couey

General Manager – Stadium Toyota

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Dealerships know that more than ever, legendary service is paramount to maximizing their compensation for each sale, as well as retaining that customer for future new car sales. Savvy General Managers and Service Directors realize that contracting out to the experts at Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality Services® will not only reduce their overhead costs, but also allow them more time to focus on their expertise; sales and service.

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