What does it cost to use Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality?

Our team will put together a proposal with exact needs for your dealership. Our cost is almost always less than a dealership staffing their own department, and we are extremely competitive with other companies who provide similar services.

Does the dealership supply any uniforms or equipment?

Pinnacle Automotive handles everything necessary for our team members! You’ll pick from our selected uniform options and we’ll even use the logo of your auto group or brand to streamline the guest experience.

Can I add additional services after my contract has started?

Absolutely! Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality has an extensive list of positions trained to handle all of your needs. If it’s not on the list, we can make it happen. No more wasting hours and money handling those support positions.

How does Pinnacle Automotive handle scheduling during peak times?

We pride ourselves on being fully scalable! Our seasoned management team can add or reduce staff depending on the day, week, or season. Our local team members can flex based on your needs.

What training is provided to your team members?

Every new partnership is staffed with seasoned and new team members. All team members undergo extensive initial safety and customer service training, as well as ongoing continued education.

Are Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality team members required to follow the dealership’s policies and guidelines?

Yes! Our team members are held to a higher standard than most dealerships require of their own employees. We have a comprehensive employee handbook outlining all of our company policies. Any dealership that has special requests or concerns will be accommodated if the policy isn’t already in place.

What happens when your team members is at fault for an accident?

First and foremost, we are a safety focused company and provide safety training to all team members from day one. Although rare, accidents can occasionally happen. Pinnacle Automotive removes the claims liability from your operation and we assume full liability of every vehicle we handle.

What type of insurance does Pinnacle Automotive carry?

We provide an extensive liability insurance policy to safeguard you and your dealership guests that include General Liability, Garage Keeper’s Liability, Worker’s Compensation and an Umbrella Policy.

What will happen to our dealership’s current staff?

Many dealerships have good relationships with their current staff. Pinnacle Automotive Hospitality is always seeking hard working team members, and have had much success hiring from dealerships that are now our partners. We will interview current employees, and if they meet our hiring requirements, we will offer them positions on our team, at a nearby location.

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